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Lasting Weight Loss

Fitness Nutrition

Why are you struggling with weight?

  • Too much to do for everyone else?
  • Don’t have time to exercise?
  • Don’t like to cook?
  • Spend too much time at work?
  • Make poor food choices?


I’ve always told my patients that healthy weight management and body composition are byproducts of healthy living.  There is no magic pill or complicated recipe for weight loss…it simply comes down to gradually introducing, and maintaining, healthy lifestyle habits.

That’s where I come in.

Now, we all know that diet and exercise are keys to weight loss and healthy body composition.  However, for every 10 people I assist with weight loss, there are always 2 or 3 that do not see results that reflect their effort from general diet and exercise interventions alone.

What’s going on here?

Well, there are a number of additional factors that influence weight, fat percentage, and distribution of fat.

First and foremost, we need to lay the foundations for healthy living by supporting optimal hydration, proper nutrition (what you eat and how well your body can breakdown and use those nutrients), sufficient movement, restful and restorative sleep, and mindfulness (stress management and mental/emotional wellbeing).

Next, we narrow the focus onto the specific barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goals, ultimately developing a very individualized protocol.  For example, some people have underlying disruptions to hormone function, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism.  These situations require a much more focused and personalized approach in order to see maximal results.

I strive to help you look and feel your best, and after a decade in the fitness industry, I have learned what works and what doesn’t.  Your effort will be directed towards tried and tested strategies that, at the end of the day, support overall health and well-being, in addition to optimal weight and body composition.

Interested in more information or ready to start shedding stubborn fat?

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Dr L Shares the Keys to Weight Management

In addition to practicing naturopathic medicine, I am also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified personal trainer.  I attained my BSc Honors Specialization in Kinesiology at Western University, before completing an additional four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to become a naturopathic doctor.  I started my career in the fitness industry over a decade ago with a focus on weight management, athletic performance enhancement, and rehabilitation.  Combining my extensive knowledge and deep passion for fitness, nutrition, and disease prevention, I will provide you with targeted and comprehensive high quality care.  By addressing the underlying barriers that prevent optimal health and performance and applying a variety of individualized naturopathic treatment options, I has helped a multitude of individuals lose stubborn fat and build muscle, manage pain, improve performance and energy, reduce stress, and optimize recovery.