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TestimonialsLiam is an exceptional Health Care Practitioner and colleague in the Fitness Industry. He has extensive knowledge of nutrition, both medicinal & herbal remedies, as well as fitness solutions. He strives for knowledge and excellence on a daily basis, and is eager to share what he learns with others in both the industry and the general population. His genuine attitude towards helping others is obvious and remarkable. He will only continue to improve over time. Thanks for sharing Liam!
Gregg Parris – Owner, GPS Fitness and Coaching

I worked with Liam as personal trainers at the University of Western Ontario. During that time we built up a friendship in addition to mutual respect which has continued on to this day. Liam and I have collaborated on several projects in addition to studying and writing the very difficult CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) designation. I would be comfortable recommending Liam for any position. His integrity is second to none and work ethic has always impressed me.

Jonathan Goodman – Founder, Personal Trainer Development Center

Liam’s professionalism in everything he does makes him an ideal business partner. His time management skills have helped him complete 2 years of Naturopathic College while maintaining his business’ and personal connections extremely well. His strong public speaking skills have gained him credibility as a foremost expert in health and fitness and will cement the rest of his career in the field
Joseph Hsiung – Owner, Fight Fit Bootcamps

Liam is the ideal personal trainer for me – I moved from Toronto to Vancouver recently and opted to continue training with him via skype rather than find someone new. He accommodates my preferences by creating workout routines that fit the goals that I specify and that are practical and enjoyable. The results are tangible – I feel healthier and have attained each of the weight and fitness based goals I have set. Thanks Liam.
Paul T – Administrative Assistant, Resource Development and Philanthropy

Thank you for your expertise, encouragement, and amazing workouts over the past 14 months.  I’ve lost over 20lbs and 3 dress sizes!  I could not have done it without you.  I’m still surprised by how much I’ve improved in cardio and strength.  Liam, you are awesome!
Lynn P – Administrative Assistant

I had Liam as my personal trainer for about four months. During that time we not only achieved my goals, but exceeded them. By the time we stopped training together, my lifestyle had changed completely. Cardio and resistance training have now become part of my routine thanks to Liam. His high energy attitude and innovation really brings excitement to the workout. He always presented new and interesting exercises to enhance the workout. Overall, I have improved my fitness, eliminated my bad habits, and most important of all, feel great!
Kartik R – Business Analyst, International Strategy

I had a total of twelve training sessions with Liam and I can honestly say that it was money and time well spent. Liam is a personable and enthusiastic person and that clearly carries over into his role as a Personal Trainer. Liam’s energy and helpful advice certainly helped me to achieve more that I thought was possible with my workouts.  Liam listened carefully and gave me exactly what I wanted.  Liam was able to tell me where I needed to improve and he was able to bring out the best in me.  What impresses me the most is that he already knows a great deal about training and wants to learn even more. That alone speaks volumes about his determination and enthusiasm.  In my opinion, Liam is an excellent Personal Trainer.
Brian C – Sales Coordinator

I was extremely happy that I invested in personal training sessions with Liam. I had 4 goals when I started with Liam: 1) to achieve a certain look, 2) to obtain maximal results within the period of time, 3) to start enjoying exercising and 4) to be able to incorporate exercise into my daily routine and lifestyle. All these goals were achieved.
Liam’s strengths as a personal trainer were: he quickly adapted to the my needs throughout the course of our entire training and he was very knowledgeable about which muscles needed to be targeted to shape my body the way I desired. He was also very personable but very serious about his work, and also about giving the clients the most results for their time and money. Liam was very encouraging and understood the fine line between pushing clients to do their best and being overly aggressive.
Lastly, Liam gave excellent pointers for incorporating exercises into my daily schedule and also doing things around the house.  He is always available for questions throughout the week, and even continued to offer advice and address my concerns after I moved away and our training sessions ended.
Grace K – Lawyer

Liam was my personal trainer during Spring of 2007. He made sure that I did my exercises safely and listened to my needs. Things I hate about doing weights are its monotony and repetitiveness. Liam kept the training interesting by incorporating a wide variety of exercises. Because the exercises worked on several muscle groups at once,  I got a great workout with the least amount of time. I give Liam LaTouche my highest recommendation as a personal trainer. He will keep you motivated!
Paul C – Medical Doctor

Liam was an essential part of my rehabilitation from a shoulder dislocation. He provided me with useful exercises to both strengthen and condition my shoulder. I have now gained full mobility and am back in training. Thanks Liam!
Sandeep P – Medical Doctor and Tennis Player

Liam LaTouche has been a close friend and inspirational figure in my life for many years. Even as a youth Liam’s dedication to health and fitness was apparent, participating in countless sporting activities, always the first one on the court and the last to leave. As a training partner Liam is your best friend and your worst enemy, worst because he won’t let you quit and best because he won’t let you quit. If you are serious about getting results then you must seriously consider Liam. He truly wants you to be the best you can be and is willing to do everything is takes to get you there.
Erick K – Founder, EK Media

Bootcamp with Liam and Jason was a great experience! The workout itself was really fun and effective, but the best part was the atmosphere they created. The personal attention, positive encouragement, and camaraderie made for a great time.
Julia C – Physiotherapist

Coach L and The Champ have a wonderful ability to teach and motivate in a group setting, but also take the time to tailor the workout so that everyone gets the maximum benefit according to their skill level.
Travis M – Sommelier

I’ve been to many bootcamp and kickboxing sessions directed by Liam – all of them very challenging and tremendously rewarding.  He personalized routines and exercises based on my personal goals and abilities, gave constructive feedback, and encouraged me by following up after training sessions.  Most importantly, he never let me give up on myself.  Along with his extensive knowledge of training, he has the passion and drive to help others achieve their personal goals – and that is what makes him an exceptional trainer.
Andrea L – Certified Management Accountant