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Helping young-at-heart, driven, and performance-oriented individuals realize their potential and find deeper meaning in life… 

…and those struggling with weight gain, chronic pain, low energy, and high stress reclaim their focus, function, and joy.

We could all be doing a bit better – whether it’s aches and pains, a few extra pounds, brain fog, feeling overwhelmed, or a lack of interest and purpose in life.  You already know that you need to eat healthy and exercise, but what if something else is keeping you from your goals?

Drawing on conventional medical knowledge and research, while integrating traditional systems of medicine, I help you look and feel better.  Through my learning and experience, I have come to understand and witness that when we stop suppressing the body’s functions and rather work to reinforce the its innate healing mechanisms, amazing things can happen on all levels of being (mind, body, and spirit).

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
~ Chinese Proverb

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I proudly serve the Greater Toronto Area, providing naturopathic medical and sport therapy services at these exceptional locations:

Midtown Toronto:

Mahaya Forest Hill Integrative Health

73 Warren Rd, Suite 102
Mondays 2-8pm
Call for appointment: 416-792-4400


Visionary Health

5359 Dundas St W, Unit 108
Wednesdays 10am-6pm
Thursdays 12-8pm
Saturdays 9am-3pm
Call for appointment: 647-478-9029