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It’s All In Your Head – Harnessing the Vagus Nerve to Boost Physical Health

“The concept of the mind-body connection—specifically, that afflictions of the mind can contribute to physical ailments, and vice versa—is nothing new. Despite this, Western medicine still tends to observe and treat the body as isolated, independent parts. For example, we see digestive issues treated by looking solely at the gastrointestinal tract, or mental health issues treated by looking exclusively at the chemistry of the brain. However, what happens when irritable bowel syndrome symptoms are made worse by stress? Or when anxiety and depression improve after correcting digestive issues? While the “silo” approach to medicine can be extremely important and helpful in managing symptoms—particularly, urgent ones—it does not take a deeper look at how the body works as a whole to regulate itself and promote health. Thankfully, research is exploring the traditional view of the body being a system of intricately connected parts, working in unison to achieve balance and ultimately support health and longevity. This broadens our understanding of the mind-body connection and sheds light on valuable clinical applications in naturopathic medicine…”

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