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5 Plateau Busters!

Have you hit a plateau?  Not reaching your goals?  Here are some reasons why you may not be achieving the results you set out for and how you can turn it all around!

1. Constant cardio and love handles won’t leave? Hit the weights!

Problem: Cardio alone will not help you reach your fat loss goals.  Get friendly with the weight room…very friendly.

Solution: Adopt circuit style resistance training workouts focusing on dynamic, total body exercises (such as deadlifts, chin ups, back squats, military presses and, if you’re advanced, Olympic lifts).  Women, please do not shy away from these exercises as they have been proven to be the most effective in promoting fat loss.  One, these exercises demand massive amounts of energy (= calories being torched) when being performed and two, they work wonders to enhance lean muscle mass (crucial to boosting your metabolism to burn the fat and keep it off).  Get your form down pat by seeking professional guidance from a qualified trainer; but soon you will be flying through them and seeing some serious progress!

2. What style of cardio do you do?

Problem: If you’re in the gym constantly doing 1 hour of steady state cardio, you are not accomplishing much.  This style of cardio is great for individuals with physical limitations or those training for pace events (long distance runners); but it is not effective or efficient for anyone trying to trim the fat.

Solution: Switch to interval cardio…period.  Interval style cardio has been proven time and time again to be the king of fat loss cardio.  Start with 1min at a high intensity and 2min low.  Work through 5 rounds – taking only 15mins.  As you progress, challenge yourself by increasing the intensity of the high bout, reduce the duration of the recovery period and/or try various machines/forms of cardio.

3. Are your goals in alignment with your action plan?

Problem: Are you trying to lose 10lbs for your upcoming wedding but only hit the gym twice a week?  Are you missing weeks at a time due to work related issues (travel, schedule, etc)?  If you lack alignment between your goals and your action plan, you will never gain any ground.

Solution:  Assess your goals – are they challenging while still being realistic and achievable?  Assess your action plan – is it realistic based on the sacrifices that will need to be made? Does it sit high enough on your priority list not to be kicked to the curb every time something else pops up?  Keep it simple and you must be honest with yourself.

4. Do you enjoy it?

Problem: No motivation due to lack of interest?

Solution: There will always be the most effective and efficient way to train and reach your goals – but if you simply don’t see yourself sticking to that kind of program, what good is it to you?  Find something you like and get involved.  If it’s volleyball one night per week, do it.  If it’s going for a jog with you dog, do it.  Just start doing something and make it a habit.  You’ll be surprised how that soon translates into the development of other healthy habits.  Through these baby steps, the momentum grows and you will be on the way to realizing your goals.

5. What’s your fuel?

Problem: This could easily be #1 – a solid workout will never make up for a poor diet.

Solution: Get educated on the importance of diet (not a diet, but rather your food regimen) in you achieving your goals.  It is rightfully argued that nutrition constitutes +60% of your results.  Speak to a Nutritional Consultant such as our resident expert, Emily Kennedy, and get a meal plan that is personalized and realistic.  A few small modifications can go a very long way!

Best of luck and I wish you continued success!  I believe in you, but it’s up to you to make it happen!!