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Falling Back Into Rhythm

In a lot of ways, September really feels like the turn of a new year.  With school back in action, people returning from vacations and a general feeling of “settling down” following the summer, September is a great time to re-evaluate and fall back into rhythm in various areas of our lives.

We in the fitness industry continually to see a large influx of new members and clients come September.  Whether you are a part of this wave or just trying to get out of the summer slump and back into a solid routine, this article is for you.

Chart your course

  • Simple, straight forward goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time oriented (i.e. I want to lose weight vs. I want to lose 10lbs of fat in 6 weeks)
  • Action plan to lay out what is required to realize your goal(s) and what you can realistically put in based on the sacrifices you are willing make (i.e. knowing that it is unrealistic to get to the gym after work, I will make a point to go in three mornings out of the week)

Sticking to your action plan

  • Post your goals and action plan in a high traffic area (bathroom mirror, fridge, beside computer, etc)
  • Track your progress as this WILL keep you motivated (i.e. body composition, waist and hip girth measurements, weight, training sessions per week, etc)
  • Get a friend on board to add some fun, friendly competition and support
  • Understand lapses will happen, so plan ahead and exercise discipline to get back in action as soon as you can

Finding the right gym

  • Look for one that is on your path from home to work or vice versa
  • Ask for a free trial to get a feel for their amenities, atmosphere, customer service, etc. (be sure to check it out during their busy hours to see how packed it gets)
  • Be (relatively) flexible with you budget as sometimes we sacrifice a lot to save a few bucks; if it’s a slightly pricier but you know you’ll get more out of it, it will help you stay motivated and committed

Finding the right trainer

  • Do your research (are they certified, through which organization, is it current; what is their formal training/education and experience)
  • Watch them in action to observe their trainer etiquette (are they attentive to and engaged with their client; do you like their energy and attitude)
  • Set up a consultation before signing up with them (is there chemistry; do you see yourself looking forward to meeting and working with the individual on a regular basis)
  • Bottom line: it is worth investing a little money in the beginning to ensure you are using your time effectively, efficiently and safely from that  point onwards


  • Yes, there are some methods of training that are more effective than others, but the most important factor to your lasting success is that you develop a passion for this; it should not be a chore!
  • Try something new this fall (spin class, join a running group, take up swimming lessons…anything!)