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Heart Friendly Goals for Feb 2012

February is Heart Health Month – let’s start it off right!

I will lay out four simple goals that can go a very long way in preventing heart disease.  PREVENTION IS KEY!

#1 Take the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Risk Assessment (as an added bonus, Dejardins Financial Securities will donate $1 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation!)

#2 Eat 5 extra veggies/fruits a day → start with 1 or 2 each day and work your way up…just do your best

#3 Get active for an extra 10 minutes a day → take the stairs, get off the bus one stop early, or walk before you sit down to lunch…this moderate exercise not only makes your heart smile, it will boost your mood and help manage stress

#4 Sleep an extra 30 minutes a night → establish a bedtime routine…start doing whatever it is you do before going to bed 30 minutes early each night…set an alarm on your phone if you need a reminder…chronic lack of sleep can take a massive toll on your heart!

That’s it!  Couldn’t get any easier than that!  More heart friendly info to come…