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Spread Goodwill

The world is definitely changing for the better: more emphasis is placed on well-being than ever before.  However, with today’s lifestyles being so much more time-demanding and stressful than they were in the “good ol’ days”, it is imperative that we dedicate sufficient time and energy to keeping ourselves healthy.

Many health-related promotions focus solely on you helping yourself by making healthy lifestyle choices.  In this article, I would like to put the spotlight on how a healthy lifestyle can work to help others.

Parents aren’t the only ones who must be mindful of how they conduct themselves.  Whether you like it or not, we are constantly setting an example to those around us.  Human nature dictates (to varying degrees) that you will treat others as you have been treated in the past.  That being said, we all have a responsibility to help better our communities and society through positive initiatives.  This could be as simple as holding the door for someone or kindly smiling at a passerby; all that matters is that you help to brighten someone’s day in the hopes that he/she will in turn pass this goodwill onwards.

Your attitude controls your response to any and all situations through the day.  You can control whether someone/something gets under your skin (and subsequently throws off your entire day), or whether you will prevail with a smile on your face once the dust has settled.  Staying healthy, through regular exercise, proper nutrition and sufficient rest (sleep, relaxation, meditation, etc.) will act to better enable you to react positively to “negative” situations/experiences.  The positive attributes derived from a wellness program (discipline, confidence, composure, etc) will allow you to better manage your stress/anxiety and be more amiable to those you are in contact with.

Help spread goodwill throughout our community; uplift those around you by staying mentally, emotionally and physically fit.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep smiling.  Laugh as much as you possibly can…not only does it make you feel great, it burns calories and can give your abs a good workout!  Remember, a little can go a long way; your upbeat attitude can easily have a domino effect so stay positive!