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We’re less than one week away from this month’s BLASTING DIET & EXERCISE MYTHS health seminar!  If you’re interested in attending but haven’t registered yet, CLICK HERE for details and to register!

When it comes to weight management, the traditional school of thought has always been MOVE MORE and EAT LESS.  However, with the advent of novel research techniques and the growing popularity of health and wellness, we are much more aware of how important it is to specify HOW YOU MOVE and WHAT YOU EAT, while keeping the concept of individuality in mind.

When it comes to HOW YOU MOVE, I’m going to leave that for fitness expert,  Joseph “Joe Fight” Hsiung (of Fight Fit Bootcamp), to cover at this Sunday’s seminar.  However, I’ll briefly touch on a key point with respect to WHAT TO EAT:

PROTEIN! Protein is a fundamental component of our diet.  Its basic units, amino acids, are the building blocks that allow us to function, repair, and grow.  There are 20 amino acids and 10 of those are considered essential – meaning we cannot manufacture them ourselves and must get them from our diet.  This is of particular importance for vegetarians, as the majority of plant-based sources of protein are deficient in one or more of the essential amino acids; they must ensure their diet is varied to include plant-based protein sources that compensate for the each others deficinecies.

I attended several lectures on weight management at the NSCA 2012 National Conference last week – time and time again they stressed the importantance of including about 0.8g protein per kg body weight to your diet, in conjunction with an exercise regime.  To calculate this value, multiply 0.8 by your weight in kg and the result will be your recommended daily protein intake in grams.  

Not sure if you’re getting enough protein?  Come out this Sunday and chat with Nutritional Consultant, Lyn Faminial! Lyn will be dropping some FAT LOSS gems…you won’t want to miss it!!  CLICK HERE for details!


I hope to see you there and I wish you an amazing week ahead!

In health,